Family Care Givers

November is the month to nationally celebrate family caregivers! The National Family Caregivers Association began celebrating family caregivers around Thanksgiving in November of 1994. What began as National Family Caregivers Week has become National Family Caregivers Month, and continues to be supported and celebrated each year.

What Exactly Is A Family Caregiver?

A family caregiver is anyone who provides physical, mental and/or emotional support to someone who is sick. They are usually family members, friends, neighbors, spouses or children and care for the person in their home. A family caregiver may provide medical care, emotional support, supervision, household management, or create an overall comforting environment for the person who is ill.

It Can Be Overwhelming

Some people are able to prepare themselves to be a family caregiver and others find themselves thrown into unknown territory. Regardless, it can be a stressful position to have to fulfill. Fortunately, there are a number of resources that can assist you through this process.

The National Family Caregivers Association provides tips and tools for care giving and material that caters to specific situations, like depression in caregivers, to help you in a variety of circumstances. On their website,, there are motivational messages to help you stay positive, pages on advocacy and volunteer opportunities, and a resource to help you connect with other caregivers.

Sign up for their newsletter, join a book club dedicated to caregivers, and explore their website for tips and advice on care giving and further information about National Family Caregivers Month.

Let’s Celebrate!

There are more than 65 million family caregivers in the United States that are fulfilling a vital role for individuals each day. The love and support that they dedicate to those who are ill or disabled has no measure, but is critical to most patients’ survival. Join us as we spend November raising awareness of family caregiver issues, celebrating the efforts of caregivers, increasing support for caregivers and educating caregivers and the public about family care giving.

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