Lung Cancer Awareness Month: Tips to Quit Smoking for Good

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November is National Lung Cancer Awareness Month — an important time to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking. Cigarette smoking is linked to 80 to 90 percent of lung cancers. But lung cancer isn’t the only type of cancer caused by smoking. It’s also responsible for cancer of the mouth and throat, esophagus, stomach, … Read more

Vaccine for Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer

A new vaccine to prevent cervical cancer has recently been developed by the Pharmaceutical Industry. Merck and Company has developed a vaccine to prevent nearly all cases of cervical cancer in women. This vaccine is only effective in women not previously exposed human papilloma virus, the virus that causes cervical cancer. A recent clinical trial … Read more

Heredity and Disease

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A family medical history is important because many medical problems run in families. Inherited diseases could strike early in childhood, or later in life. Conditions passed down the bloodline include diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Other diseases, including most infections, are not passed on. An understanding of heredity will clarify how these diseases are passed … Read more

Lifestyle and Cancer Prevention

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People can develop habits to prevent cancer, and then practice these habits as they go about their daily lives. Leading a healthy lifestyle and avoiding bad habits can minimize cancer risk. A healthy lifestyle can also prevent other diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. Avoiding tobacco will reduce the risk of cancer. Avoiding … Read more

Cancer Prevention

There are a number of things that contribute to a person’s likelihood of being diagnosed with cancer, including genes, lifestyle and the type of environment you surround yourself with. However, there are ways that you can control some of these factors to help prevent getting cancer. Avoid tobacco products. Smoking is the cause for approximately … Read more

Healthy Weight Week (Jan 19-25)

January 19-25 marks the 21st annual Healthy Weight Week, a time to celebrate healthy, diet-free living habits that last a lifetime and prevent eating and weight problems. Diets are a temporary fix to a long-term problem and usually, they don’t work. Healthy lifelong habits are what produce weight loss, weight maintenance, and good health. Healthy … Read more