Life After Cancer

Of the approximate 14 million cancer survivors in the US today, many agree there’s an abundance of information about what to do after a cancer diagnosis and how to cope with the effects of treatment. Unfortunately, there is a lack of information about how to cope with life after cancer. The end of cancer treatment

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Important Cancer Terms You Need to Know

Cancer. It’s a scary word that represents a very real and scary reality for too many people. If you or a loved one suffers from cancer, there are a few important cancer terms you need to know that are unique to the field of oncology (the study of tumors). Read below to learn more about

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Cancer Misconceptions

When it comes to cancer, there are many myths and misconceptions. Whether it be word of mouth or information found on the internet, don’t believe everything you hear or see. Below are a few cancer misconceptions debunked to set the record straight. Misconception #1: Cancer is a death sentence Cancer is not a death sentence.

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Chemotherapy: What You Need To Know

Your chemotherapy treatment experience, while daunting, can be improved if you approach it with the correct knowledge in hand. Understanding your treatment timeline, common side effects and techniques for dealing with them, as well as a basic understanding of how chemotherapy works will help give you the mental fortitude necessary to defeat your cancer. What

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