Cancer Survivors Day

We could not be more pleased that it is finally June – the month of summer, Father’s Day, and most importantly, National Cancer Survivors Day! This June 3rd will mark the 25th annual Cancer Survivors Day, where communities around the globe gather to celebrate a meaningful and productive life after cancer. This wonderful day was created by the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation, which provides free guidance, networking and education to hospitals, support groups and cancer-related organizations around the country.

The Foundation defines a survivor as “anyone living with a history of cancer – from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life.” Their goal is to celebrate life and give people the opportunity to demonstrate that their community has “an active, productive cancer survivor population.”

On this day every year, communities around the world come together to show their camaraderie, joy and hope. In the past, countries including South Africa, Barbados, Trinidad, Sweden, Italy, Greece, India, Malaysia and more have come together to celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day. Events have included dragon boat races, cultural dancing, live entertainment, park walks, dunking booths, parades, and many other diverse activities that are enjoyable for people of all ages.

To read articles and view pictures of previous National Cancer Survivors Day events, request a copy of Coping magazine from the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation website. Coping magazine is a national sponsor and provides the official coverage of National Cancer Survivors Day each year.

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, we encourage you to participate in this year’s National Cancer Survivors Day. It is important that we celebrate life and the strength that it has taken patients and their families to stay positive and hopeful. For more information and to locate a National Cancer Survivors Day event in your community, visit

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